Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Wonders of College

Welcome back, guys! Sorry for the long lost blog that is Taste of the Tumbleweed. There is quite a few things that I have learned going back to college after taking a bit of time off. Let me enlighten you!

1. You are older than most of your classmates and can not stay up past 10 pm. Do not attempt  this or the consequences will bite you in the butt in the morning. 
2. Meredith is a TERRIBLE study buddy! I don't know how many papers that she has chewed holes in, or the amount of time she spends distracting me from completing an assignment. 
3. There are such things as "cheese-its" in each class. There is always that one person in the group that will message you the night before asking for an assignment. Don't feed into their cheesiness. Instead smash them in the carpet. 
5. Don't buy a refurbished IPad. It will be too old for what your professor wants and you will be out of pocket an extra $250. 
6. When working at the preschool for your field observation smell the playdoh before you touch it because it might just contain cinnamon, and your hands will be swollen for the remainder of the day.
7. ALWAYS type your notecard for your test in 6 point font!!!
8. When doing a group field trip project for Earth Science don't offer to drive you and your lab partners off of a cliff for an Earthcache. (It was worth the bonus points though!)
9. The Bite Squad app is the best thing when you are tired of pizza and don't want to leave your house!
10. Its really helpful to have a boyfriend who is already a teacher and understands the struggle when you tell him your picking playdoh and glue out of you hair.
11. Children are perfect little angels with the power to make you cry. 
12. You will have that one professor that is a grammar nazi that will give you a 99% on a paper because you missed that one comma!!!
14. Children's books are more entertaining than chapter books!
15. Impress your classmates with your poster that you used your Cricut to make! They will be envious and you will feel like a true #LADYBOSS!
16. Flair pens are truly the best for color coding and decorating your notes.
17. You will find yourself jamming out to Taylor Swift a little too often. (That one might just be me...)
18. You will truly find some of the sweetest people along the way!
19. Your professors are people too! Imagine that! Guess what? They may actually care about you as a person!
20. Don't over stress! Its okay to spend a little time for your self and listen to the advice that you are given!

Happy finals week!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Long and Happy Life

This summer has been nothing but crazy! Work has me bogged down, moving to a new town and getting ready for the ultimate adventure; university. Not to mention that T is back. I'm sure if you follow my Instagram you would already figured that out. I figured we could take this time to catch up on what you've all missed out on. So how are you? How's summer treatin' ya'?

At the end of May my old city apartment was full of boxes and a one way ticket out of town. I was ready to take on the next chapter of my life in Conway; single, ambitious and a little anxious. I had to work the weekend of Mother's Day so I didn't have a chance to go visit my mom, but I was also not expecting to wake up to "Hey Stranger?" My guards were high and my blood was boiling and my responses wasn't exactly inviting. What my mom was not expecting on Mother's day was a call at 8 in the morning with me freaking out and admitting that I was still in love with the guy on the other end of that text. I was also a little dumb founded in that realization.

It took a good week for me to realize that this is in fact the right thing to do. Take him back. I now realize that it was the best thing I could have ever done. We have both grown as people, relationally and mentally. I am not here to speak for him, but I do believe that he would agree with all of this. The one thing we both lacked the first time around was communication. Whoever said communication is key was no liar. We are still working on this, but I feel that we are doing a fantastic job at it thus far!

Meredith and I are finally getting settled in to our new home. I am still driving an hour in to work every day which is bound to change soon we all hope. This past week I celebrated my 23rd birthday with a couple of my close friends, family and T, of course! It was nice and laid back which I have very much so learned to love. In less than a month I will step foot back on a college campus and every bit of me is excited about this!

I guess the moral of this story is that its okay to give things in life a second chance. They may come back to bite you, or they may be the best thing that has ever happed. Either way trust your own gut. Don't let others try to steer you away from what you feel is right for you. It may surprise you in the end.

Until next time,

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Spring Favorites

A typical spring in Arkansas is just a less hot summer. Humid, sticky and in the 90s! We go strait from cold winds in the morning, rain in the afternoon, and a heat storm in the evening; good times! This post is not about the weather, rather the things that I have loved over the past few months that are "spring''. This might be a long one so brew a cup o joe and grab a granola bar, sit back and enjoy!



For many of you that know me personally know that I am totally obsessed with Jackie Kennedy as a role model, wife, mother, trend setter, and as a brilliant woman. I finally jumped on the band wagon that is Amazon Prime and this was my first purchase and by far the best one! I am the worst person to give an accurate movie review being that I'm extremely bias. I am not the type of girl to cry during movies (other than Marley and Me, but honestly the fur babies get me every time)  and this film make me ball like a big ol' sack of potatoes! She was so supportive of JFK and all of his plans. It takes a very strong lady to go through what she went through and still be so classy and put together.

I was never a "Directioner" by any means, but these boys are turning out hit by hit and I'm a fan! I've had this one on repeat since the first day I heard it! I feel the need to wear heart sunglasses and a top knot. It will probably continue into to my summer playlist! 

I have been into plenty of self help books this season. This one has defiantly has done the job of its very blunt title. I am a person that cares too much about the little things and this has inspired me to let the little, and some of the big ones, go. If you are interested in a good enjoyable read and a little self help I suggest "The Life-Changing Magic of Not  Giving a F**K" and its sequel!

I'll be the first to say that I have a horrible skin cleansing regimen, and my skin is not as young as it used to be. I didn't think that I would be buying Clinique at 22 though. I've thought of Clinique as a brand for more mature ladies, but they have really broadened their outreach! I am in LOVE with this! Also can we talk about their lip products? My lips haven't been this moisturized in soooo long!   

As most girls I am OBSESSED with this pallet! It smells amazing, it looks amazing, and the boys love it! Too Faced has really outdone them selves again.

Little Things

I've yet again spent money on things I didn't need, this time its the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8! Okay maybe I did "need" it! I'm too ready for the pictures and adventures yet to come!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Guess is Over

After a not so long debate of which school it's almost time that I share my official decision with you all, as promised! I of course made sure all of the people that I am closest to in my life knew before, because I'm not "that girl." Let me start off by saying that this is the school I've wanted to attend since I was a youngin'. The school of my dreams, you may say. So in July, fingers crossed, I will be making the move to Conway, AR to attend the University of Central Arkansas to compete my degree in Early Childhood Development (teaching)! Thank you all for your continued love and support in this decision! And since this post is going up on Easter I figured I would add an adorable photo from UCA's facebook page!